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Horse Racing System Professional Helps
You To Create A Life Changing Income

Horse Racing System

A horse racing system that really works?
It is so easy and you can start winning today!

Mathematically proven horse race system where right
from the start EVERYTHING is 100% in your favour

Turn the betting percentages to your advantage and
start to finally make your interest in horse racing pay

You could easily be making over 350 points a year, every year

Absolutely no horse racing knowledge required as it is all done for you

You won't have come across this totally unique and extremely
powerful horse racing selection method anywhere else ... EVER !!

Can I actually WIN in the first race EVERY TIME there is a bet ? 
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Horse Race System

Over the years I must have tried all the horse racing systems there are, read hundreds of books on horse race prediction, betting, horse racing results and software. It is a truly massive subject and I must have wasted hours, days, weeks, months and even years of my life looking for something that would really make my horse race betting work. I used to think, how difficult can this online horse racing thing really be?


Fifteen long years later the best thing I ever did was taking a break from horseracing and betting to allow myself the time to really think about how I could turn all the masses of information available into something worthwhile. Then one day whilst relaxing in the warmth of the sunshine on holiday in Europe like a speeding train it hit me! Just how obvious had it ALWAYS been?  Forget any need for betting tips from a tipster or any other kind of tipsters. The greatest predictor above all others when it comes to horse racing results is the betting market. Find a way to turn the online betting market percentages in your favour and everything else would follow. Finally I had achieved what I was looking for, and the rest as they say is history. Since that moment things have gone from strength to strength and as a result I now have a portfolio of extremely successful businesses. But of all my enterprises the one that still to this day gives me the most pleasure is my love affair with horse racing, better known to some as the sport of kings.


Our totally unique horse race system and betting method
is mathematically based, so right from the beginning
EVERYTHING is completely in your favour.
Now doesn't that make a refreshing change?


How many of you have used horse racing system building tools of one kind or another ? There are certainly plenty of system sellers and horse racing tipsters working directly from these. However this is NOT a re-hash of a previous method or something cobbled together by using already known results. ‘Backfitting’ as it is called. It also does not involve trading on the exchanges or risking thousands.

Horse Racing Tips

The 221 horse racing system team includes some of the very best minds in the industry today and they spend a great deal of time checking race records, speed times, going preferences, effects of the draw etc. Using the live horse racing betting market together with this expert form assessment, enables us to succeed in turning the betting percentages totally in our favour. It just doesn't get any better than this !!


As you are reading this please don’t think for one moment that you are going to be spending hours and hours with your head stuck firmly in the ‘form book’ or that you will have any need to be subscribing to lots of expensive horse racing ratings services to find system qualifiers, because this is not the case. We can also guarantee that you will have never come across the totally unique horse racing selection method anywhere else – either online or off, and the horse racing system itself is absolutely NOT FOR SALE.


No complicated horse racing system to follow


It is said by some involved with horse racing that any horse selection method that can't make a level stakes profit is NOT one worth following. Given our long and extremely steady profit stream we would say that is somewhat debatable. Our selections do however fulfil that benchmark test, although it is definitely not the most profitable method of betting with them.


We provide the system selections for you


For every punter who relies on staking plans there are six who hate them, and no doubt many of you will know all about a betting method called loss recovery. This is an incredibly simple staking plan which sadly has been abused by some of the less scrupulous horse racing tipsters. It remains however an extremely powerful tool and the bookies hate it with a vengeance. The single most important factor when using loss recovery is your potential longest losing run and this is where many fail as their losses spiral out of control.


Here comes the REALLY exciting part !!


During EIGHT YEARS worth of testing we can report that not only was there NEVER A LOSING WEEK using loss recovery, but that the longest losing run NEVER went past the magic figure of THREE selections.


For those that are new to this method loss recovery using Lay Bets is exactly the same as the back level staking plan. This is where you place your lay bets to a fixed stake. For instance, no matter what the odds are the stake will always be a percentage of your start bank. Clearly with lay betting this carries high risk at high odds and a considerably lower risk at low odds. This is why ALL our selections are always 2/1 and under, with EXTREMELY short losing runs. Our rigorous research has shown that with our horse selection methods the chance of being unlucky and hitting 5 selections in row that win ( or lose for you ) is actually only 0.25%. You won't need me to tell you that when it comes to horse racing this is absolute dynamite !!


You can even go one step further than we have, should you so wish, by using the maximum profit loss method employed by one of the better automated horse racing backing systems currently available. However during the time we generated the profit results below we had no need of the extra comfort that this additional rule provides. But please don't worry if you don't understand any of this, as we will explain everything in very simple and easy terms to guide you along the road to profit.


Five Years Staked Betting Results


2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009
Jan + 28.0 pts + 30.0 pts + 29.0 pts + 30.0 pts + 28.0 pts  
Feb + 26.0 pts + 28.0 pts + 27.0 pts + 28.0 pts + 26.0 pts  
Mar + 30.0 pts + 28.0 pts + 30.0 pts + 31.0 pts + 31.0 pts  
Apr + 29.0 pts + 30.0 pts + 26.0 pts + 28.0 pts + 27.0 pts  
May + 31.0 pts + 28.0 pts + 29.0 pts + 31.0 pts + 28.0 pts  
Jun + 30.0 pts + 29.0 pts + 30.0 pts + 30.0 pts + 29.0 pts  
Jul + 30.0 pts + 31.0 pts + 27.0 pts + 31.0 pts + 31.0 pts  
Aug + 28.0 pts + 30.0 pts + 31.0 pts + 31.0 pts + 30.0 pts  
Sep + 29.0 pts + 28.0 pts + 30.0 pts + 30.0 pts + 29.0 pts  
Oct + 31.0 pts + 30.0 pts + 30.0 pts + 29.0 pts + 31.0 pts  
Nov + 30.0 pts + 31.0 pts + 29.0 pts + 31.0 pts + 27.0 pts  
Dec + 26.0 pts + 30.0 pts + 30.0 pts + 28.0 pts + 28.0 pts  


*** A Word of Caution ***
Don’t Gamble With Your Future !

Horse Racing Tipster

This is the ONLY UK horse racing service
that consistently delivers PROFIT .... period

The Magic Formula "The 221 Club"
  Just how do we do it ?  

  Take a mathematically proven approach

  Using a simple and quick selection procedure

  With a guaranteed high percentage of winners

  Consistently high strike rate

  No long losing runs

  No software to install or web sites to trawl

  No study of any type required

  No long complicated selection process

  No horse racing system to follow

  Our formula is 100% GUARANTEED to work

  Just place your bets and collect your winnings

  Be in PROFIT week in and week out !


We are so confident that we will give you your * Money Back if you don't make a profit following the advice provided by this service!

When I read it was possible to WIN the first race every day you made a selection, I thought .... yeah right. How wrong I was !

Brian Collins - Ireland

I just love this service as it does exactly what it claims to do. Something that no other tipster has EVER delivered. Brilliant !

Graham Morris - Chesterfield

If you are lucky enough to get a place don't ever give it up. This 221 Club is without doubt as good as it gets.

Mark King - London

You do not need to know anything at all about horse racing to be a member. My bank account has never looked so good.

Noel Davies - Pontypridd

I must have tried every possible way to make my racing pay and you have finally made it all so easy.

John Davies - Stafford

I hope you don't get too many members. Thanks again for your fantastically profitable selections.

Sally Evans - Edinburgh

As you know I work full time but as you do all the work for me I no longer have to spend hours on form study.

Steve Wright - Brighton

I wish I knew how you picked these horses ? But I am just glad that you are sharing them with us.

David Thomas - Birmingham

Can I say a big thank you to everyone at Betfair for paying for my holiday this year .... oh and the 221 Club of course

Carmen Jackson - Anglesey



Your Questions "The 221 Club"
  Please tell me more ?  


Q - If this horse racing system is so good why are you selling it ?
A - The system itself is NOT for sale and for obvious reasons never will be. You are purchasing the selections.

Q - How can I be sure that this is not a scam of some sort ?
A - The claims of business ownership made on The 221 Club web site are 100% genuine. We own another extremely successful UK horse racing ratings service with a long standing pedigree, and we stand by our money back guarantee as detailed in our terms & conditions. We can also confirm that Trading Standards joined our mailing list on November 24th, 2008.

Q - Will you be limiting the number of members ?
A - It was never part of our original plan to limit membership as we wanted to help as many people as we can on the road to profit. However the level of interest, plus the size of bets being placed by some of our professional members, has forced us to keep membership numbers under review.

Q - Can you tell me do you offer a trial of your service ?
A - We go one better than that by offering all our members a no quibble * money back guarantee !!

Q - What betting advice do you give and what kind of strike rates have been achieved by your selections ?
A - We personally use the selections with loss recovery, which of course then gives a 100% strike rate. This also means that you have the comfort of knowing that you are potentially going to be making a fixed one point a day. How you ultimately decide to use the selections provided is of course up to your own personal betting style.

Q - Are the 221 Club Selections for backing or laying?
A - The horse race selections we provide were originally designed strictly for LAYING. However one of our shrewder members developed a way of using them for BACKING as well, which results in a WIN - WIN situation on ANY day that there are selections. Can you imagine for one minute just how good this actually is ? We should probably now be charging ten times what we currently are !!

Q - What is the average number of bets per day?
A - Three to four bets on average but due to the extremely careful selection process and adverse weather conditions in the UK there may also potentially be no bet days.

Q - What is the average price of selections/winners?
A - Our selections are ALWAYS 2/1 or less at the time we give them i.e. NO big price winners to wipe all your winnings out !

Q - How much money can I make using the 221 Club Selections?
A - The 221 Club Selections are designed to make you 1 point a day if used with loss recovery. A point is a percentage of your bank, and we recommend between 0.5 and 1% of your bank per point. Those following them to level stakes may potentially make a great deal more but will also then have the much greater associated risk.

Q - Are selections likely to change during the course of the day?
A - The selections given will not change after being made available for a particular day.

Q - Is this the only system I will ever need?
A - Absolutely not. You should always aim to have a portfolio of horse racing systems in your armoury. If you don't have selection of systems yet, don't worry as we can help.

Q - How quickly can I get started?
A - The 221 Club is incredibly straightforward and easy to understand. We would recommend paper trading until you feel comfortable, and then start by using minimal stakes. This is by far the best way, and in horse racing you should ALWAYS be thinking about long term profits to be successful.

Q - What size of bank will I need?
A - The history of betting on all types of sport is littered with desperate get rich quick punters who blow their brains out after just a couple of bets. Indeed bookmakers absolutely thrive on this breed of punter as they just keep coming back to make the same mistake over and over again. Every system will have a losing streak at some time, and so a starting bank is required to cover the losing bets. We cannot stress strongly enough that we ALWAYS recommend using a long term approach, and a minimum betting bank of between a 150 and 250 points. You must always be thinking several weeks or even months ahead and not just about your next bet that day, or the next. Another way to consider things is do you honestly know of ANY other business where after one or two bad days they close the doors and say " that's it ", of course not ?!! You simply cannot fail to be a winner with a sensible staking plan, a long term strategy and the carefully chosen horse racing selections of our tried and tested service. Whatever you do, DO NOT blow you entire bank on one horse race!

Q - Is the 221 Club suitable for people with little or no experience of betting?
A - We have specifically designed the 221 Club to be profitable at a beginner, intermediate and advanced level.

Q - Do I need to bet during the live racing or can I put the bets on in the morning?
A - At the time we provide selections they are at a lay price of 2/1 or less. They are made available to you between 10.30am and 11.00am UK time. If you are not using the loss recovery method and to secure those prices you can place your bets then.

Q - What happens if I don't understand how to work the system?
A - We are never more than a quick e-mail away so please feel free to ask for help at

Q - Does the 221 Club involve loss recovery?
A - Only if you want to use the selections in that way and of course you will know the worse case scenario BEFORE placing a single bet. It is important to remember that horse racing systems are not 100% fool proof, and nothing on the planet can predict the outcome of a sporting event, However The 221 Club Horse Racing System uses mathematics to stack the odds in your favour and therefore reduce the chances of losing to a safe level.

Q - Does the 221 Club come with proof of results?
A - Previous monthly and yearly profit data is available now on our web site. The ultimate proof of course will be when YOU start enjoying these WINNERS yourself. After all we want to keep you subscribing !!

Q - Who is verifying your results?
A - You will be provided with the same daily selections as all of the other members, and we will be e-mailing all members on a regular basis with hints and tips.

Q - How will I access the 221 Club and results once I've paid?
A - Selections will be e-mailed directly to you between 10.30am and 11.00am each day. We will also provide occasional free pointers on what we feel the market is telling us that day. 

Q - How do I pay for the 221 Club?
A - Payment is made via PayPal by clicking below. The fee is for one month of selections. Discounts are available for longer periods so please ask for further details.


Bonus Number One "The 221 Club"
   50 FREE Horse Racing Systems   

Included with every first order is this unique gift worth literally hundreds !! Horse racing systems for Flat, National Hunt and All Weather are in this package, plus systems for backing and laying. Whatever type of bet you enjoy this is the one for you.


Bonus Number Two "The 221 Club"
   * Money Back Guarantee   

We are so confident that you can make a profit from horse racing with our help, that we will give you a no questions asked refund at the end of your first month if after following our advice you are not in profit.


Bonus Number Three "The 221 Club"
   The Support Of A Racing Professional   

We know that not everyone is a professional or with the busy life styles that people lead, has the time to be. So we will provide our full support every step of the way, to help your horse racing betting succeed.


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Never bet with money you cannot afford to lose and make sure that you understand what you will need to spend
in order to get the potential returns indicated. Please "Gamble Responsibly"

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